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Pregnancy Prep

Infertility Support

Looking for help to naturally + holistically prepare your body for pregnancy?

Have you been struggling to conceive and want to try a more natural approach first before seeking out fertility assistance (IVF, IUI, etc.)?

Want to prepare as a couple for conception through testing/screening and make sure you both are in a good place to start?

Postpartum Care 

Healing for Moms

After birth are you physically drained and want to know how to best support yourself (& baby if breastfeeding)?

Are you anywhere from 10 months to 10 years out from birth but STILL don’t feel “right” or “normal” after having kids? 

Are you planning to have more kids but want to work on yourself + your health first to give both you and your future child the best possible outcome?

Spouse + Children 

Family Health

Are you worried that your child is ALWAYS sick and don’t want to rely on Tylenol or antibiotics as the answer?

Do you question your child or spouse’s symptoms despite being told “everything is normal” and want different testing to dig deeper and figure out how to best support them?

Are you wanting the right tools and resources to raise a healthy, thriving family and not just accept the norm?

Located in metro detroit but serve USA virtually via zoom

Hi, I’m Melissa.

I have been relentlessly pursuing health since my early teen years, trying everything under the sun in order to look and feel my best. The trial and error game of wellness ultimately led me to a career where I’ve helped thousands of people get to the root of their health struggles, feel their best and be present through each stage of family life. 

With the internet and social media, there is an overabundance of health advice available…but how do you know what is right for you?

Depending where you are on your journey, I  give you a roadmap to prepare your body to get pregnant,  heal your body after having kids, and/or address your spouse’s or child’s health concerns. My goal is for you to become confident in your health choices for both yourself and your family.

I do this using a combination of functional lab tests, toxicity, nutrition + lifestyle analysis, and a self-paced course to educate you on how your body ACTUALLY works and dig deeper for root cause and not just mute symptoms. For many, I have helped them get to the root of their health challenges and find answers that no previous practitioner has been able to figure out.

Who I Work With

I recognize that we are all in different seasons of life and health and I do my best to meet you where you're at.

As a practitioner, I have done extensive training to stop trying all the random things and hone in on your body and the root causes from ALL aspects of your life- not just nutrition and exercise.

Thus, my offerings are created around a WHOLE BODY, WHOLE LIFE approach.

This Is For You If:

You are tired of being told "everything is normal" by your doctors even though you or your child don't feel fine

Want to avoid medication and a "pill for an ill" and learn how to heal from the inside out

Are open to suggestions on the quality of the food you eat + the products you use in your home

Understand that true health costs money and you're willing to prioritize your health over other things in your budget

Want to learn more about low-toxin living and be confident in your buying choices

Want to live a natural, whole life but struggle with understanding what you should actually be doing

Are comfortable doing protocols for as long as your body needs (it is said that healing requires one month for every one year you have been sick)

This Isn't For You If:

You are looking for a quick fix or short-term program

Your only goal is to lose weight and aren't concerned with deeper body healing from the inside out

You are vegan/vegetarian or refuse to eat animal products

You won't change other aspects of your life- like cleaner water, air and products in your home

You aren't willing to cut back on your commitments to focus on your health

You aren't willing to financially invest in your health out of your own pocket (I don't take insurance)

Don't think toxins are that big of a deal in our world and aren't willing to learn about their impact

Aren't willing to change the way you are feeding/raising your children out of fear of being "different"

What Symptoms/Issues I Work With:

Digestive Issues

Bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, food sensitivities

Fertility Support

Struggling to get pregnant or want to prepare your body prior to pregnancy and want to try a more natural approach

Nutrition Planning

Finding the “diet” that is right for you or identifying what can be done to better balance your nutrition

Skin Issues

Acne, psoriasis, skin rashes, eczema

Energy + Fatigue

Chronic fatigue, brain fog, caffeine dependence, sleep issues, not waking feeling rested

Hormone Issues

Painful or irregular periods, low sex drive, acne, mood disorders, weight gain, low muscle mass

Mental Health Issues

Anxiety, depression, mood swings, migraines, headaches

Detoxification Support

Chemical sensitivities, heavy metals, parasite infections, Lyme/co-infections, viruses, bacteria

Ways to Work Together

While I do work with people of all ages and stages,

My primary focus is women of child-bearing years and children.

I do also work with men (usually spouses of the women I work with after they see their health improve) and peri/postmenopausal women, but they aren't my specialities. 

Book A Free Intro Call

Prior to working with new clients, I offer a free 20-30 minute Intro Call to get to know one another, discuss yours or your spouse/child's current health status and decide what functional lab testing and package is right for you!

Client Testimonials

If you’re on the fence about hiring someone to help, but have been spinning your wheels with no results, no explanations, not feeling heard by your doctor, constantly switching doctors, having friends and family either exhausted by your struggle or just they don’t have the bandwidth to support you, you HAVE TO work with Melissa. She IS the missing piece to your, potentially, years long puzzle. You are not crazy, you are not lazy, you are not wrong about feeling like your body is working against you. You just need someone who can look at it from a bird’s eye view and that, my friend, is Melissa. Money spent on co-pays that either get you no new answers or someone pumping a new pill to help a symptom are wasted funds. Invest in yourself, invest in your health, invest in giving your mind a break from thinking there is no end to the cycle that you are living in, because I can PROMISE you, once you sign up with Melissa you are on the path to a solution.

For two years, I was experiencing gut and digestive issues, hormonal imbalances from 8 years on birth control, horrific acne, sleep issues during different periods of my menstrual cycle… the list goes on. Working with Melissa has completely changed my life around and I’m so happy to say I do not suffer from any of the above symptoms anymore 🙂 Through lifestyle and diet changes recommended by Melissa based on my test results and supporting supplementation, I feel 100% back to my old self again, even better actually! Melissa is the most personable and experienced person I’ve ever worked with in the health and wellness space. Her protocols were so in-depth and personalized based on my specific needs, I almost feel like I didn’t deserve how much help I received from her. I’ve had the most pleasant experience working with her and my body is very grateful 🙂

Melissa is the BEST  – extremely knowledgeable, patient, responsive and caring which included telling me what I NEEDED to hear.  In working with her this year, I’ve been able to reduce my medicine dosage twice and I have more energy, less pain and clearer thinking.

She has enabled me to work with my body vs. against it by giving it the nutrition it was designed to have.  My journey is still a work in progress and I’m excited about the outcome.

Trust the process – it’s ALL worth it!

Melissa was an answer to my prayers. I didn’t realize how sick I was until I started to feel better. I honestly don’t even know how I functioned for the months leading up to finding her. She actually spends time with you and listens. I appreciate how testing is so important to her and creating individual plans. She wants what is best for each of her clients, and I will continue to use her for the years to come for myself and my entire family!

I was pretty discouraged when coming to Melissa. I’d mostly accepted that the pain and fatigue I was feeling were just a new normal for me as a mom of three young children. A friend recommended I try seeing Melissa to see if she could help me, and after the tests were run, and I started the my simple “getting back to health” plan, I literally cried tears of joy that the symptoms I was experiencing weren’t normal and that I didn’t have to live the rest of my life feeling this way. Melissa coached me on how to get back on the track toward health. I work in the medical field and had been “clean eating” and exercising for years, but there were some key pieces missing that I didn’t figure out until seeing Melissa and getting a comprehensive picture of what was going on with my body. I’m confident that with the knowledge and information that Melissa has provided me with that I will never go back to accepting feeling the way I previously did as normal. I feel like a new person and want everyone to know that there are still practitioners out there like Melissa who want to do more than mask the symptoms you’re feeling and actually get you back on a road towards health!

Working with Melissa has truly changed the way I view my health! I came to her when was 1 year postpartum, had very low energy, unexplained symptoms and weight gain. Long story short, my thyroid levels were off but I didn’t love my doctor’s recommended treatment plan (or lack thereof). That’s when I turned to Melissa to try to heal my body naturally!

I started her recommended protocol at the end of June and within days I felt like a completely different person! By the end of summer my energy levels soared, I had lost 17lbs and I knew how to care for myself based on what my body needed. I had the knowledge of why my body needed certain nutrients too! Now my thyroid levels have drastically improved and I am no longer considered to have a thyroid issue

Free Resources

This brand guide takes the stress out of reading labels to give you trusted brands in most food categories that you can use to ensure you are eating as healthy as possible.


If you have never thought about what’s in your water, how to test your water, and/or if your current filter actually works,  read this guide to answer these questions for you today.

We’ve all been told something about sleep, exercise, blue light, coffee…but have you ever put it all together in one daily list?  This guide contains actionable steps to take daily for better health.

If you are or someone you know is either planning to get pregnant or are already pregnant and want to know more about how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

If you found my account/website, odds are you are more naturally-minded and want safer alternatives, including over the counter medications or for what to do for certain types of sicknesses.

If you’re confused how to source clean meats, dairy + seafood, this guide is for you! We cover terms to look for and how to source both locally + online.

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