Adult Offerings

I recognize that we are all in different seasons of life and health and I do my best to meet you where you’re at.

As a practitioner, I have done extensive training to stop trying all the random things and hone in on your body and the root causes from ALL aspects of your life- not just nutrition and exercise.

Thus, my offerings are created around a WHOLE BODY, WHOLE LIFE approach.

This Is For You If:

You are tired of being told “everything is normal” by your doctors even though you or your child don’t feel fine

Want to avoid medication and a “pill for an ill” and learn how to heal from the inside out

Are open to suggestions on the quality of the food you eat + the products you use in your home

Understand that true health costs money and you’re willing to prioritize your health over other things in your budget

Want to learn more about low-toxin living and be confident in your buying choices

Want to live a natural, whole life but struggle with understanding what you should actually be doing

Are comfortable doing protocols for as long as your body needs (it is said that healing requires one month for every one year you have been sick)

This Isn’t For You If:

You are looking for a quick fix or short-term program

Your only goal is to lose weight and aren’t concerned with deeper body healing from the inside out

You are vegan/vegetarian or refuse to eat animal products

You won’t change other aspects of your life– like cleaner water, air and products in your home

You aren’t willing to cut back on your commitments to focus on your health

You aren’t willing to financially invest in your health out of your own pocket (I don’t take insurance)

Don’t think toxins are that big of a deal in our world and aren’t willing to learn about their impact

Aren’t willing to change the way you are eating out of fear of being “different”

Some Examples of Who I Work With

Pregnancy Prep**

Infertility Support

Looking for help to naturally + holistically prepare your body for pregnancy eventually (not in the next 3 months)

Have you been struggling to conceive and want to try a more natural approach first before seeking out fertility assistance (IVF, IUI, etc.)?

Want to prepare as a couple for conception through testing/screening and make sure you both are in a good place to start?

Postpartum Care 

Healing for Moms

After birth are you physically drained and want to know how to best support yourself (& baby if breastfeeding)?

Are you anywhere from 10 months to 10 years out from birth but STILL don’t feel “right” or “normal” after having kids? 

Are you planning to have more kids but want to work on yourself + your health first to give both you and your future child the best possible outcome?

Men’s Health Issues

Thriving Family Support

Looking for answers to why persistent symptoms aren’t going away despite trying everything?

Are you worried about your spouses health and want him to get tested in a different way than he has been?

Are you wanting the right tools and resources to raise a healthy, thriving family and address overall toxicity in your household to make sure your environment isn’t contributing to your family’s health issues?

**Pregnant? Or Planning to Be in the Next 3 Months?  

My Adult Offerings are for people that are wanting to get to the root cause of dysfunction and thus likely need a season of life to “detox” or rebuild the body (this minimum is a 4-12 month process, depending on what is uncovered).

Any form of detox within the “trying” period or when pregnant isn’t advised and thus I have a Pregnancy Prep/Support Offering designed to help you best support your body and your baby.

What Working Together Looks Like

Step 1: Free Intro Call

We start with a free 20 minute intro call to discuss your current health concerns and see what lab tests are right for you.

I explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

I ask that you watch the Intake Call vides prior to our session to learn your options + understand how I work.


Step 2: Intake Session

We start with a New Client Checklist that includes instructions on your lab tests, several intake forms, a toxicity assessment and daily tips to begin implementing sooner than later. 

We meet for 45-minutes to kick things off, chat through your Toxicity Screener and jump into Course Modules and other at-home assessments you can start before any results come back.


Step 3: Results Video

Before we meet to discuss your results, I send you a video recording of me walking you through your results, weaving them together and painting the picture of how everything is connected.

You’ll receive the original test documents but also result summary documents (5-10+ pages) explaining what it all means and what contributed to where you’re at.

Step 5: Follow-Up Sessions + Protocol Updates

Based on your personalized plan, we will have follow-up check in sessions, modify your protocol and complete re-testing when appropriate. 

You’ll have access to my Maintenance Membership so that you feel supported for as long as you’d like throughout your healing journey.

**Additional follow-up sessions + membership are not included in initial package prices**

Optional: Nutritional Deep Dive

You track three days of normal meals for me to review compared to OPTIMAL ranges (not your average MyFitnessPal ranges) and receive a 5+ page report of analysis.

We’ll chat through macros, vitamins + minerals to see if you are eating in the right amounts for your body + goals.

We’ll discuss better product choices, understanding ingredients and overall how to convert your diet to a more whole-food, high -nutrient approach

What Lab Tests I Offer

Below are the three tests I suggest almost every client to do for baseline functional testing. These three together give us insight on what is happening both inside and outside of the cells of your body and cover numerous organs + their functions.

On top of the test result documents I create report of findings summaries (sometimes 10+ pages) along with a custom lifestyle + supplement protocol for you based on the findings. 

Hair Tissue Mineral

Analysis (HTMA)

If bloodwork is like a highway and who is currently traveling on the highway, an HTMA test looks at who got off the highway and is at home (aka in the cells).

This intracellular look at mineral balance + heavy metals allows us to see what has been going on in your body over the last 3-4 months.

Minerals are ESSENTIAL for practically every bodily function and imbalances in them contribute to a host of health issues, which is often the missing link for many taking multivitamins that could actually be causing more issues than good.

Heavy metals can also been one root cause for a host of health issues and can often replace beneficial minerals in their receptors.


Full or Pregnancy Scans

Bioresonance uses quantum physics to determine what is stressing out the body, causing dysfunction.

It looks at stress in the form of energetic stress in the body’s organs/systems, nutritional deficiencies + sensitivities, and hormonal imbalances.

Most importantly, it clues us in to which toxins (parasites, bacteria, metals, chemicals, molds) may be burdening the system.

We also scan your sample against supplements/remedies that your body is most in need of- meaning no more “guessing” which supplements/protocols to follow.

 This has hands-down become one of my favorite tests for clients!



The body works hard to maintain homeostasis (aka normal) and bloodwork may “look” normal even when disfunction is occurring.

It can take months, even years for the blood levels to be impacted, which is why I like to see bloodwork along with BIO/HTMA.

The traditional bloodwork most practitioners order does not look at optimal ranges and instead compares your results to that of sick people (aka what’s “normal” these days).

They also don’t look at TRENDS within your bloodwork; various highs and lows between markers can tell us a great deal about root cause conditions + what may be going on within you that other practitioners may have missed.

What’s Included in Each Package

Lab Test Costs + Analysis

HTMA and Bioresonance test fees are included in the total package prices (see below) and this cost covers the fee for testing plus the time I spend analyzing and recording your results video (usually 2+ hours per client).

Bloodwork is an additional fee that you will pay directly to the ordering site (EvexiaDirect or UltaLabs), usually somewhere between $200-350.

Intake Session: Drainage + Toxicity (45 min)

  • Review your your intake forms and discuss how to complete lab testing
  • Discuss course content to begin watching + welcome kit contents
  • We’ll chat through your Toxicity Screener to see if there are possible toxins in your life that can be replaced/removed
  • I’ll provide you a “drainage” protocol to prep your body for any protocols needed based on your results

Recorded Results Session + Customized Protocol

  •  Video walkthrough of your results (option to download for re-listening later on)
  • Detailed report(s) of findings explaining results and what to do about them (usually 5-15 pages long)

Results + Protocol Review Session (45 Min)

  • Discuss any questions you have after watching your results video
  • Review proposed lifestyle + supplement protocol
  • Discuss Maintenance Membership + next steps on your journey to healing

Welcome Gifts Kit (shipped to your home)

  • Some samples/goodies that I frequently use and recommend you use too!

Free Access to My Mindfully Well Course

  • 5 modules with over 30+ videos/lessons all about nutrition, how your body actually works, toxicity throughout your home, exercise, stress and more!

Free Access to 100+ Educational Resources, Checklists, Recipes + More

  • I share with you ones I think you’ll find relevant but you’ll also have access to the main hub of all resources I create

Messaging with me through PracticeBetter

  • During the duration of the package you’ll have access to messaging me any questions you have through the PracticeBetter app
  • Following the completion of the package, you have the option to join the Maintenance Membership for continued access

15-20% off Professional-Grade Supplements

  • While working together receive deep discounts through dispensaries like Fullscript, Cellcore, Doctor’s Supplement Store +Vykon Customs
  • Following the completion of the package, you have the option to join the Maintenance Membership for continued discount access

How Do I Get Started?

Watch Intro Video

Prior to a booking your Intro Call, I ask that you watch my intro videos to learn more about how I work, why I work the way I do and the options you have for working together.

I find this video answers a lot of questions you may have!

Book Your Intro Call

This 20-min call allows us to get to known one another, discuss your top concerns and  what lab tests we should run.

Following this call I will send you an email summary of what we discussed and next steps if we decide to work together.

Purchase A Package

 If you decide this is right for you, you have the option of 1, 2 or 3 payments or can apply for 15-months 0% financing.

You also have the option to use HSA or FSA cards, but I do not accept health insurance for any of my services.

Book A Free Intro Call

Prior to working with new clients, I offer a free 20-30 minute Intro Call to get to know one another, discuss yours or your spouse/child's current health status and decide what functional lab testing and package is right for you!