Black Friday 2023

For me, Black Friday sales are more so about stocking up on my go-to products than shopping for others (call me selfish) but I’ve learned to save up over the year so that I can get the best price on things I use regularly.

I also use it as a time to get any bigger ticket items I’ve been waiting on for a good deal! This could also be something you put on your own Christmas list 🙂

Below are the items/companies I have seen good deals on thus far. As the month goes on I will continue to add them as I find them!

Personal Care

uHands down the BEST non-toxic deodorant. Also have great skincare line, gua sha/facial tools and bodywash.


Thu 11/23- Mon 11/27 20% off- use code PURE20

My favorite non-toxic shampoo + conditioner. Yes, they are bars but trust me they have been so much better than other low-toxin options I’ve tried.

Nov 24: 50% off EVERYTHING with code FLASHFRIDAY

Nov 27-28: 50% OFF with code CYBERDEAL 

Where do I even start with Earthley? I love their magnesium lotion (Good Nite) and Lymphatic Cream but they also have a ton of tinctures for sickness, baby products, etc. that are so wonderful- I recommend looking through their whole site before buying!

Nov 24- 27 use MWFITWELL for 20% off

Best fluoride-free toothpaste, floss + mouthwash. Contains hydroxyapetite which helps remineralize teeth after brushing.

THANKS15 for 15% OFF

Cleaning + Home

 My favorite bleach-free alternative to deep sanitizing. Great for high chairs, spills, toilets. etc.

PERFECTGIFT for 40% all Bundles + free shipping

What I use for daily cleaning- literally refill my bottle weekly and love the glass bottle option with the concentrate- it lasts forever!

Use code SAVINGSZN for 20% off

Many options for water filtration ranging from counterop filters to whole-house systems.

Running 15% off sales on certain systems, plus can use MWFITWELL for an additional 10% off

Purifies + restructures the water (something most pitchers don’t do)

300 gallon filter life

Nov 1 – 30 : MWFITWELL20 for 20% off

Best smaller room air filtration especially for homes with mold and want for a filter with self-cleaning properties.

Currently on sale for only $195

One of my favorite air purification systems- we have them in our living/kitchen space, basement and bedrooms. I always stock up on filters during this sale!

Early Black Friday (starting now) up to $350 off purifiers and 20% off replacement filters.

Supplement Stores


Doctor’s Supplement Store gives you access to professional-grade supplements at a discounted rate. Once you open an account, you can also search for any products you or your family currently use .

I also have “Favorites” on the homepage for common sickness + health issues that you can shop. 

Fri Nov 24 – Tue 11/28 use BLACKFRIDAY2023 for an additional 10% off

Fullscript is very similar to DSS that you get an automatic 20% off retail price and can shop for your family outside of supplements. They contain different brands which is why I often have clients shop from both.

I also have “Protocols” for common sicknesses + health issues that you can shop.

Fri Nov 24 – Wed 11/29 get 30% off all supplement orders.

I love their GlucoBitters for all things digestion and the Digestive Juice spray for kids. I also drink her tea blends daily!

Mon 11/20- Mon 11/27

20% Off all orders
25% Off orders $250+
30% Off orders $300+
Orders over $99 Ship in the US for Free

Wellness Tools

Great portable infrared + red light sauna for those on a budget or have low space.

Also have so many other great tools: PEMF Mat, Red Light Panels, Infrared Heating Pads + more.

Nov 1 – 30 : MWFITWELL20 for 20% off

My favorite “all-in-one” tracker for sleep, stress, exercise, HRV, and fertility (pair with Natural Cycles to automatically track your cycle/ovulation)

Up to $100 off through 11/27.

The only sunlamp to get Vitamin D from UV light the natural way!

On sale for $599 but can use MWFITWELL for  an additional 10% off