Couple's Program

Who is this program right for?

We all know that the health/choices of our partners directly impact our own health and thus doing this together can be one of the best choices you can make. Understanding the health of both yourself and your partner can help you choose the right foods when shopping, the right activities for date nights and in general help you prepare for starting a family or enhancing the health of your current family.


  • Pre-Pregnancy: those who want to prepare their bodies before trying to start a family
  • Fertility Issues: dig deep into both of your bodies to determine any root causes for the challenges  you are having
  • Moms + Dads: For couples that want to work together on improving their health

What does this program include?

  • Thorough intake questionnaires + combined three day nutritional analysis review
  • Functional labs at a discounted rate (based on our discovery call we will decide together which tests are right for you)
  • 1- 60 min Diet + Lifestyle review session- done together
  • 2- 90 min Results & Recommendations session – done separately
  • 2- 30 min follow-up coaching session- done together
  • Customized DRESS lifestyle protocol (diet – rest – exercise – stress reduction – supplementation)
  • 15-25% discount on professional grade supplements

What is the process?

1. Book a free Discovery Call to assess what functional lab tests are right for you both and create a plan of action together.

2. I will send you an invoice for the package and you can select if you’d like a payment plan to make it more manageable. 

3. I’ll send you all the test kits, questionnaires and nutritional analysis form to get things rolling!

4. While we wait for the test results, we will dive into your Diet + Lifestyle and help you begin making changes prior to any test results.

5. We will meet for a 90-minute session for each of you and discuss your results and a customized lifestyle recommendation protocol.

6. We will schedule your two follow-up sessions over the next two months.

What is the price?

Starting at $3225. Price is dependent on which tests we decide are right for your situation. Includes questionnaires, nutritional analysis report, functional labs, personalized protocol and three coaching sessions. Does not include supplements or other lifestyle interventions that could be recommended.

**Payment Plans are available**