Self-Paced Course

Discover How Your Body ACTUALLY Works +

How to Heal from the Inside Out

After working with clients, I realized that a few sessions simply wasn’t enough time to give them all the education and support needed to navigate root-cause healing and reduce their toxic load.

Yes, testing is incredibly helpful, but just getting testing done alone doesn’t change your life– instead it is the choices you make on a daily basis that dictate if you change those test results.

Have You Ever Wondered If It’s All Connected?

I get incredibly frustrated with accounts or people that tell you it’s just your thyroid or just that you have adrenal fatigue or that you just need to focus on your hormones. Yes- you may have symptoms of thyroid or adrenal or hormonal issues but those organs/systems alone aren’t your root cause…YOUR LIFESTYLE OFTEN IS!

It’s time to start learning about how your body works, how everything from food to sleep to toxins are so intertwined and have a one-stop shop of all of this information consolidated in one place and in an order you can work through.


Stop Trying One-Off Things

I ultimately created this course with the goal of helping as many as I can silence the noise of what the world is telling you “healthy” is and help you narrow in on what you actually need to do to feel your best and support your body.

I get a lot of questions asking for advice like:

“What product is good for…X?” 
“How should I really be eating?” 
“My doc has me on iron supplementation- is that okay?”
“What do you recommend for…X?”
“What do you give your daughter when…X”

I’m only one person (trying to be a mom/wife and run a business) and can’t easily answer these questions without educating on the why behind my answer- there is usually so much more going on than just a simplistic response. 

✔️        You want to start supporting your body from the inside out

✔️   You want to learn more about taking a functional approach through whole-food nutrition principles + supporting your body through both supplementation + lifestyle

✔️    You don’t want to pay higher prices for 1:1 attention and feel confident navigating change on your own

✔️    You want to learn more about non-toxic living: water, air quality, personal care products, clean foods, etc.

✔️    You are tired of seeing so many things promoted on Instagram and want to know what to actually use to support your health

✔️  If you’re looking for 1:1 support (check out My Services instead)

✔️  If your main goal is weight loss or changing body size (externally focus vs. internal)

✔️  You don’t think some of the products that you use could be contributing to health issues

✔️   You are looking for a quick fix or aren’t ready to change your habits/lifestyle

✔️   You are looking for a customized protocol + lab results

✔️   You don’t have time to spend learning + applying new ideas to your life

What Topics Are Covered?

This course contains over 40 modules, 10 hours of video trainings and over 60 resource guides + checklists  covering a broad spectrum of health content including:

Module 1: Intro to Being Mindfully Well

This module is a quick welcome and explanation of my own story and what led me to do the work I do today, including how conventional health failed me and why I found the approach I now take, both for myself and my clients.

  • Welcome + Intro
  • Unlearning What “Healthy” Means
  • Redefining What “Healthy” Means
  • Becoming Mindfully Well

Module 2: Where Do We Start?

This module reviews the approach I take with all my 1:1 clients and explains how to approach your health from a WHOLE-istic perspective.

  • Optimal Health Math Equation
  • The Foundations of Health
  • Toxins 101: Why Should I Care?
Module 3: Mindful Nutrition

This module contains several modules that cover both quality + quantity in your approach to nutrition, but also very practical info on shopping, meal planning and how to approach supplementation.


  • Intro to Mindful Nutrition
  • The “Macros”- Carbs, Fats + Proteins
  • The “Micros”: Vitamins
  • The “Micros”: Minerals
  • Understanding Ingredients
  • Sourcing Quality Foods
  • Meal Planning + Grocery Shopping
  • Why Supplements?
Module 4: How Your Body ACTUALLY Works

This may be my favorite module- it’s filled with information on each system of the body, how they’re interconnected and what you can do to improve/support each one for optimal health.


  • Mitochondria + Metabolism
  • Digestion + Oral Health
  • Your Gut + Immune System [Part 1]
  • Restoring Gut Structure + Function [Part 2]
  • “Detox”: Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys + Lymphatic System
  • Supporting Drainage: Daily Detox Ideas
  • The Adrenals: Stress, Sleep + Sunlight
  • The Thyroid
  • Hormones 101: The Female Cycle
Module 5: Living a Low-Toxin Life

This is probably my second-favorite module that helps you navigate step-by-step how to reduce your toxin load, taking you on a journey through the top hitters in each room of your house. 


  • Toxicity Reduction Checklist
  • Guide to Low-Toxin Home
  • Water Quality + Filtration
  • Air Quality + Filtration
  • Low-Tox Kitchen
  • Low-Tox Bedroom
  • Low-Tox Bathroom
  • Low-Tox Laundry Room
  • Resources for Sourcing Clean Products
Module 6: Finding Balance

This module intends to address the longevity of health and how you can apply these principles to last along with other aspects of health outside of nutrition like exercise and stress reduction.


  • Exercise + Bodywork
  • Simplifying Stress
  • Making This Stick for GOOD.

Ready to Dive In?

If you’re ready to approach your health in a new way, stop chasing symptoms and get clarity on your journey to low-toxin living, click below to get the course now!