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Food + Drink Discounts

MWFITWELL10 for 10% off

My favorite option if you need gluten-free bread/toast (but also grain, soy, eggs, dairy and refined-sugar free)

MWFITWELL for 15% off

My go-to for clean protein, collagen grass-fed organs, pre-workouts, colostrum and other nutritional supports. Does contain stevia so if that is an issue for you, I’d suggest PaleoValley’s protein powder.

Coffee + Mushrooms = better for adrenals, sleep, immune system + nutrients. Best option for coffee without all the negative side effects!

Learn More About Organo Coffees

MWFITWELL10 for 10% off

Where I get glyphosate-free collagen, gelatin, and other nutritional supplements (great for smoothies add-ins)

Link gets you 20% off

My daughter legit eats one of these every single day. Clean ingredients for a kid’s snack bar.

Link get you 40% off your first order

My favorite online market for all the organic/healthy things you can’t find in traditional grocery stores and often 25-50% cheaper!

Cleaning + Home Discounts

 My favorite bleach-free alternative to deep sanitizing. Great for high chairs, spills, toilets. etc.

START40 for 40% off bundles + free shipping

Can also get on Amazon

What I use for daily cleaning- literally refill my bottle weekly and love the glass bottle option with the concentrate- it lasts forever!

$10 off with the link above

Many options for water filtration ranging from counterop filters to whole-house systems.

MWFITWELL for 10% off

Purifies + restructures the water (something most pitchers don’t do)

300 gallon filter life

MWFITWELL for 10% off

Personal Care Discounts

Hands down the BEST non-toxic deodorant. Also have great skincare line, gua sha/facial tools and bodywash.

MWFITWELL10 for 10% off 

Best fluoride-free toothpaste, floss + mouthwash. Contains hydroxyapetite which helps remineralize teeth after brushing.

MWFITWELL10 for 10% off

My favorite non-toxic shampoo + conditioner. Yes, they are bars but trust me they have been so much better than other low-toxin options I’ve tried.

MWFITWELL for 10% off

Where do I even start with Earthley? I love their magnesium lotion (Good Nite) and Lymphatic Cream but they also have a ton of tinctures for sickness, baby products, etc. that are so wonderful- I recommend looking through their whole site before buying!

CHOOSENATURAL for 10% off new customers

COMEBACK for 10% off return orders

Wellness Tools

Way to naturally increase Vitamin D in only 3-5 min during winter months (or when sun is lacking).

Here’s a few YouTube videos proving it works: 

Video 1    Video 2

MWFITWELL for 10% off

Great portable infrared + red light sauna for those not ready for a large/wooden sauna. Also have so many other great tools: PEMF Mat, Red Light Panels, Infrared Heating Pads + more.

MWFITWELL for 10% off

Queen of Thrones has one of the original castor oils packs on the market. They also have a TON of helpful educational videos/articles on the benefits of castor oil and how to use.

MWFITWELL10 for 10% off

My favorite “all-in-one” tracker for sleep, stress, exercise, HRV, and fertility (pair with Natural Cycles to automatically track your cycle/ovulation)

Link gives you $40 off

Affordable cold plunge option that we have at our house! 

MWFITWELL25 for $25 off

CGM option that you wear for a month to have it automatically track your blood sugar throughout the day and analyzes what it means for you.

At-Home Water + Mold Tests

I suggest at least the Advanced Tests, but if radiation is a concern I would do the Extended Test.

MWFITWELL for $10 off orders $100 or more.

I suggest at least the Advanced Tests, but if radiation, pesticides, and industrial contamination is a concern I would do the Extended Test.

MWFITWELL for $10 off orders $100 or more.

Best at-home mold testing. Better than the ERMI, air sampling, etc. as it accurately scores the impact of mold in your home. 

Supplement Stores


Doctor’s Supplement Store gives you access to professional-grade supplements at a discounted rate. Once you open an account, you can also search for any products you or your family currently use .

I also have “Favorites” on the homepage for common sickness + health issues that you can shop. 

Use code MT3331 to register your account + receive 20% off every order (automatically applied)

Fullscript is very similar to DSS that you get an automatic 20% off retail price and can shop for your family outside of supplements. They contain different brands which is why I often have clients shop from both.

I also have “Protocols” for common sicknesses + health issues that you can shop.

Click below to register for an account. The 20% off is automatically applied to every order!

I use a lot of Cellcore supplements with my clients as their effectiveness simply isn’t matched but many others. They aren’t available on DSS or Fullscript so I do need to grant you access to purchase.

To get access, send an email to: