Free Discovery Call

 Prior to selecting a package, I offer a free Discovery Call to get to know one another, discuss your current health status and to determine what functional testing and package is right for you.

Because this call will use both of our time, I like for you to do a few things below prior to booking a call to make sure you understand what working together entails and that we are on the same page heading into our time together. 

Step 1: Watch Pre-Discovery Call Videos

Please watch the two videos below to understand how I approach health differently than the “normal” conventional model and to understand why so many of us are left with unanswered questions.

NOTE: The video says no follow-up/check-in sessions are included, but this is incorrect. 

Each package comes with 1- 30 min Check-In Session to be used within three months of your Results session.

Step 2: Review Package Options + Pricing

Some practitioners will hide their pricing until they get you on a call and I simply do not believe in that.

I want you to know what to expect up front so that you are informed going into our call of what the investment may be based on the testing you choose.

Work 1:1 With Me Packages

Foundational Package

This package is a great starter package for those who want to dip their toes in functional testing and get an overall look at their body.

Hormone Package

This package contains the foundational tests plus the DUTCH Hormone Test for a deeper look into hormonal and adrenal health.

Gut Health Package

This package contains the foundational tests plus the GI MAP Stool Test for a deeper look into both gut structure and function.

Signature Package

This package contains all four tests for the most comprehensive look into the functioning of your body to find the root cause of your issues.

Pregancy + Postpartum Package

Pregnancy + Postpartum Package

This package is for any women who is planning to get pregnant, is currently pregnant or newly postpartum that wants specific nutritional + supplemental support based on the foundational functional lab of an HTMA and optional bloodwork.

Payment Plan Options:

Each package has the option of full pay or a 2 or 3 payment plan
OR you can apply for 15-months interest-free financing; learn more here
If you have an HSA or FSA card, you can likely use those funds for payment

Step 3:

Book Your Call + Complete Questionnaire

Once you’ve watched the videos and reviewed the package options, book your free call  (offered as a Zoom call) and complete a brief questionnaire before we meet.

Step 1: Choose Your Time

These calls usually take about 20 minutes in which we’ll introduce ourselves, discuss your intake form and health concerns and decide what testing is right for you!


Step 2: Complete Questionnaire

I ask you some questions to give me context and a bit of background prior to our call together. Please complete to the best of your knowledge so I can best serve you!