My Favorite Things

I know personally how confusing it can be to get the right brands and/or know what items to get along your health journey. If you want an “easy” button, below are products that I recommend to clients to support their health journey.

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Detox + Drainage Support

This post on Instagram highlights how important “emptying your tub” is and why we need “clean pipes” in order to feel our best. It isn’t so much that many of us need 21-day detoxes as much as we need daily drainage support. If we support our detox organs (liver/kidneys/colon/skin), we are better able to handle what comes our way in life.

Water Filtration + Remineralization

Most of us have become aware that our tap water or even fridge filters aren’t cutting it. I go into detail more in sessions on this with clients, but the best first step to do in determining your water quality is to test your water to see what you actually need to filter out of it. Some filters may be overkill while others may not filter out enough, so testing first can save you time, money and guessing in picking out a filter.

Depending if you have City or Well Water there are different test kits.

I also recommend adding on radiation as this is quite an issue for many health disorders and goes unscreened in a lot of homes.

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Depending on the type of water you use and/or filter you choose, you may need to add in mineral drops back to your water in order to ensure you are truly “hydrating” from both a water + electrolyte perspective. Especially for distilled water and reverse osmosis systems, it is easy to be drinking “free” water- aka free of even the good stuff. Options for remineralizing include:

Liver Support

Magnesium + Foot Soaks

A majority of people on this planet are magnesium deficient. This can impact our sleep, our blood sugar and over 400 chemical processes in the body! Stress burns magnesium at a rate of 5x normal times, and who isn’t stressed these days? If you are looking for support for sleep, stress, and/or blood sugar help I’d suggest incorporating transdermal (meaning through the skin)magnesium into your day. Foot Baths are a great option if you don’t have the time or want to take a full body bath!

FYI: Epsom Salts (get anywhere- we get from Costco) are detoxifying where as Magnesium Flakes increase magnesium levels in the body. 

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Healthy Medicine Cabinet

So many of us (myself included in the past) don’t think twice when it comes to medications and the side effects they may bring. Below are some of my favorite natural alternatives for different types of medical situations (not medical advise, just sharing my own opinion).

I cover some popular medications on Instagram (check my Med Alternatives highlight)

Tylenol Alternatives + Pain Management

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If you have gut issues, better option than Leefy

Cleaning Products

For cleaning, I think our pantries can get overwhelmed with a million different products, but in reality we only need a few things to cover a majority of our cleaning needs.

I use Branch Basics for a majority of our daily cleaning needs.

I use Force of Nature for deeper disinfecting (it’s a natural bleach alternative).

If you are someone that has a hard time giving up scented products (candles, etc.), I suggest Grow Fragrance.

General Cleaning

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Laundry detergents and dryer sheets can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to toxicity in our environment. Swap out use of fabric softener + dryer sheets for unscented natural detergents + wool dryer balls.

You can get directly from their website or I order mine through Thrive Market to save 5-25% off.

Food + Drink Products

In my time of being health-obsessed over the past 10-15 years, I have tried out MANY products, some better, some not-so-great. Below are a few products that I incorporate on a daily/weekly basis to support my health, but also have a little enjoyment too.

My Healthy Food Brand Guide is a one-stop shop for my product recommendations, but here are some highlights!

Overall Grocery Shopping

I shop weekly at Trader Joe’s + Costco where I find a majority of organic items, but Thrive Market is where I get a majority of our pantry, snack and misc. staples like laundry detergent. It’s easier than going to multiple stores and/or ordering for several different places online.

I also love PalleoValley– we get monthly shipments of their grass-fed beef sticks, bone broth protein powder and superfood snack bars.

For High-Quality Meats: I use a few different sources- first I try to get it locally but I do use a few online stores to buy clean meats, like US Wellness Meats.

Refer to my Animal Product Sourcing Guide for comprehensive info on how to shop for meats, poultry, seafood + dairy products.

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High-Quality Salt

An incredibly simple way to support your health is to make sure that you are using the right type of salt to support your mineral status overall. Table Salt is void of all the trace minerals our bodies need and pink Himalayan salt has been known to have heavy metal contamination. For this reason, I choose to stick with a few brands that I know are screened for metals and contain all the trace minerals we need.

Books I Recommend

A lot of people I work with have a thirst for knowledge and I like to provide continuing education for them to pursue more on their health journey. Here are some book recommendations split into categories from nutrition through children’s health: 

Books on Nutrition

Books on Fertility + Pregnancy

Books on Detoxification + Supporting Your Body

Cookbooks + Recipes

A big question after I review nutrition with clients is where to find nourishing recipes that are easy and able to be made ahead of time. Whether we like it or not, life is busy and we need simplicity to ensure healthy living. Below are some of the cookbooks and websites I rely on a majority of the time for recipes. Once I like a recipe, I then put it in my phone notes to have easily searchable and accessible!