Gut Health Tests


What is a Gut Health stool test?

Recent evidence suggests that the gut microbiome is the master control center of our health. Stool tests are common to assess what is going on in your gut, but so many on the market are lacking in accuracy, reliability and functionality.

I offer two options for gut/stool testing- GI-MAP and GutZoomer Stool Testing.

  • The GI-MAP is cheaper but contains less markers than the GutZoomer
  • GutZoomer is a bit more expensive but gives a more comprehensive view of your gut health.

Either will be a great choice to dig deeper into gut health and assess if your issues stem from the gut.

Why complete this test?

Almost everyone would benefit from learning about their gut health and any potential pathogens that could be causing havoc in your body. These tests not only looks at pathogens, but also give us a deeper look into all the organisms in your gut and how to bring about balance and optimal functioning.

Who is this test right for?

Anyone who would like to get a big-picture view of their gut environment, either to fix chronic symptoms you’ve been experiencing for a while or to work towards optimizing your health and finding balance in the body.

This is also a commonly-utilized test for children & teenagers to see if conditions like ADHD, Autism, digestive disorders, eczema, etc. can be supported by cleaning up the gut.  

Some overall conditions that this would be helpful for include:

  • Digestive Complaints, Diarrhea or Constipation, IBD/IBS
  • Skin Problems, such as Acne and Psoriasis
  • Brain Fog, Mood Disorders, Depression, and Anxiety
  • Weight Loss Issues, Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Diseases