Kids Packages

Who are the Kids Packages right for?

Currently I am only accepting children of current or past adult clients. Check back at a later date for the release of my full kids program.

  • This is for those that know their child isn’t as healthy as they could be and want some relief or answers to what is going on.
  • You realize how important childhood health is and want to discuss ways that you can both prepare and course-correct what you and your family are doing
  • You’re tired of being prescribed “a pill for an ill” and want more for your child than another prescription

Depending on your child’s current condition and goals, we will work together to decide what labs are right for you.

Behavioral Issues

If your child has behavioral issues- autism, ADHD, anxiety/depression, hyperactivity, etc. and you want to take a more holistic approach

Skin Issues

If your child has skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, recurring rashes, etc. and you are tired of chasing it away with external creams

Recurring Sicknesses

If your child seems to be sick more often than well and you are tired of using antibiotics, Motrin or Tylenol to “fix” them

What Lab Tests Can You Do on Kids?

For children under 7 years old, I use any of the following tests:

  • HTMA Minerals + Heavy Metals Test
  • GI-MAP Gut Health Test
  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test- child must be at least 16 lbs and be able to sit for 9mL of blood draw in one sitting.

For children older than 7 years:

I run any of the above three tests plus:

  • Comprehensive Bloodwork

For teen girls struggling with cycle issues:

I run any of the above four tests plus:

  • DUTCH Hormone Test