Kids + Teens

Who is this right for?
  • Those who want to give their children a great, healthy start to life or find the best ways to support their growth and development in the stage they’re in.
  • Those that know their children aren’t as healthy as they can be and desperately want some relief or answers to what is going on.
  • You have realized how important childhood health is and want to discuss ways that you can both prepare and course-correct what you and your family are doing.
What does this package include?
  • Thorough intake questionnaires + modified nutritional analysis review
  • Functional labs at a discounted rate (based on our discovery call we will decide together which tests are right for your child)
  • 1- 90 min Diet,  Lifestyle + Results & Recommendations session 
  • 1- 30 min follow-up coaching session in two months
  • Customized DRESS lifestyle protocol (diet – rest – exercise – stress reduction – supplementation)
  • 15-25% discount on professional grade supplements
Which labs can be run on children?

For young pre-pubescent children, the best lab tests to consider are  HTMA, GutZoomer and/or Food Sensitivity Testing.  Sometimes we will run an OAT (Organic Acids) test depending on your unique child’s needs.

For teens post-puberty with cycle or hormone issues, we can run a DUTCH hormone test.

The amazing part of children is that they tend to heal faster and respond well to small interventions in their diet/lifestyle without needing long protocols.

Using the button below, book a free discovery call to assess what is right for you and/or your family!

What is the cost?

$970-1790. Price varies based on lab tests chosen. Click here to see program options based on lab test choice.

**Payment Plans Available**