Kids Packages

Who This Package Is Designed For

  • This is for children 1 year to 18 years whose parents know their children aren’t as healthy as they could be
  • Especially for those who are experiencing symptoms like eczema or other skin issues, food sensitivities, behavioral issues and/or gut symptoms

  • For moms who are tired of the constant cycle of antibiotics and other medications and want to prevent sickness in their children by supporting their health foundationally

What Functional Lab Tests Do You Offer?

The first step to learning and deciding which tests are right for your child is watching the Discovery Call Pre-Videos to get an idea of the tests I offer and some suggestions I make in the video. You can also click the button below to learn more.

Typically for children, I run HTMA, GI-MAP and Food Sensitivity Testing. For children, I also offer OAT organic acids testing and mold/mycotoxin testing if that is something you are interested in (not listed on the lab test options below).

What Do the Packages Include?

  • 1- Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test (HTMA)- other labs paid directly to lab
  • Optional additional lab testing like food sensitivities, GI-MAP stool testing, etc.
  • 1- video recording of your Results + Recommendations
  • Personalized lifestyle protocol (diet – rest – exercise – stress reduction – supplementation)
  • Educational resources, recipes + handouts
  • 15-20% discount on professional grade supplements

Follow-up sessions and re-testing are al-a-carte and not included in this initial package.

How Do I Know Which Package is Right For My Child?

This is something we discuss in the free Discovery Call to determine which tests make the most sense for you and your budget. 

What the Kids Package Looks Like

Step 1: Free Discovery Call

We start with a free 20 minute call to discuss your child’s current health concerns and see what tests are right for them.

I ask that you watch the Discovery Call vides prior to our session to introduce the program options + how I work.


Step 2: Complete Tests

We start with a comprehensive New Client Checklist that includes instructions on completing the lab tests, several intake forms, a toxicity assessment and daily tips to begin implementing sooner than later for your child. 

Step 3: Results Session

Once your results are in, you’ll receive a video recording of me walking through your your child’s lab results and personalized protocol that will contain resources + recommendations.

Once you have reviewed the video, we will meet to discuss any questions that you have and next steps.

Step 5: Follow-Up Sessions + Protocol Updates

Based on their personalized plan, we will book check in sessions, modify their protocol and complete re-testing when appropriate. 

You’ll have access to my Maintenance Membership so that you feel supported for as long as you’d like throughout their healing journey.

How Do I Get Started?

Watch Intro Video

Prior to a Discovery Call, I have all my potential clients watch my intro videos to learn more about how I work, why I work the way I do and the options you have for working together.

I find this video answers a lot of questions you may have!

Book a Discovery Call

This initial 20 minute call allows us to get to known one another, discuss your top concerns and decide what lab testing may be right for you.

Following this call I will send you an email summary of what we discussed and next steps if we decide to work together.

Purchase Your Package

 If you decide this package is right for you, you have the option of 1, 2 or 3 payments or can apply for 15-months 0% financing.

You also have the option to use HSA or FSA cards to pay if you have them, but I do not accept health insurance for any of my services.

Book A Free Intro Call

Prior to working with new clients, I offer a free 20-30 minute Intro Call to get to know one another, discuss yours or your spouse/child's current health status and decide what functional lab testing and package is right for you!