Lab Test Offerings

Foundational Tests

Below are the three tests I suggest almost every client to do for baseline functional testing. These three together give us insight on what is happening both inside and outside of the cells of your body and cover numerous organs + their functions.

On top of the test result documents I create report of findings summaries (sometimes 10+ pages) along with a custom lifestyle + supplement protocol for you based on the findings. 

Hair Tissue Mineral

Analysis (HTMA)

If bloodwork is like a highway and who is currently traveling on the highway, an HTMA test looks at who got off the highway and is at home (aka in the cells).

This intracellular look at mineral balance + heavy metals allows us to see what has been going on in your body over the last 3-4 months.

Minerals are ESSENTIAL for practically every bodily function and imbalances in them contribute to a host of health issues, which is often the missing link for many taking multivitamins that could actually be causing more issues than good.

Heavy metals can also been one root cause for a host of health issues and can often replace beneficial minerals in their receptors.


Full or Pregnancy Scans

Bioresonance uses quantum physics to determine what is stressing out the body, causing dysfunction.

It looks at stress in the form of energetic stress in the body’s organs/systems, nutritional deficiencies + sensitivities, and hormonal imbalances.

Most importantly, it clues us in to which toxins (parasites, bacteria, metals, chemicals, molds) may be burdening the system.

We also scan your sample against supplements/remedies that your body is most in need of- meaning no more “guessing” which supplements/protocols to follow.

 This has hands-down become one of my favorite tests for clients!



The body works hard to maintain homeostasis (aka normal) and bloodwork may “look” normal even when disfunction is occurring.

It can take months, even years for the blood levels to be impacted, which is why I like to see bloodwork along with BIO/HTMA.

The traditional bloodwork most practitioners order does not look at optimal ranges and instead compares your results to that of sick people (aka what’s “normal” these days).

They also don’t look at TRENDS within your bloodwork; various highs and lows between markers can tell us a great deal about root cause conditions + what may be going on within you that other practitioners may have missed.

Specialized Testing

In addition to the above I also offer DUTCH Hormone Testing + Cycle Mapping, Fellow Semen Analysis, Organic Acids Testing and more if we decide it is necessary for you or your child during our Intro Call or at any point in our time working together!

Book A Free Intro Call

Prior to working with new clients, I offer a free 20-30 minute Intro Call to get to know one another, discuss yours or your spouse/child's current health status and decide what functional lab testing and package is right for you!