Lab Test Offerings

The “star” of all of my packages are the lab tests that look deeply into the functionality of your body and determine what could be getting in your way from feeling your best.

Foundational Tests

Below are the two tests I require almost every client to do for basic, baseline functional testing.

These two tests together give us insight on what is happening both inside and outside of the cells of your body and cover numerous organs + their functions.

If bloodwork is like a highway and who is currently traveling on the highway, an HTMA test looks at who got off the highway and is sitting at home (aka in your cells).

This intracellular look at mineral balance + heavy metals allows us to see what has been going on in your body over the last 3-4 months.

Minerals are ESSENTIAL for practically every bodily function and imbalances in them contribute to a host of health issues, which is why this is the #1 test I have all clients run.

Heavy metals can also been one root cause for a host of health issues and can often replace beneficial minerals in their receptors.

The body works hard to maintain homeostasis (aka normal) and bloodwork may “look” normal even when disfunction is occurring.

It can take months, even years for the blood levels to be impacted, which is why I like to see bloodwork in conjunction with an HTMA.

The traditional bloodwork most practitioners order does not look at optimal/functional levels and instead compares your results to that of sick people (aka what’s “normal” these days).

They also don’t look at TRENDS within your bloodwork; various highs and lows between markers can tell us a great deal about root cause conditions + what may be going on within you that others have missed.

Specialized Testing

In addition to bloodwork + HTMA, if you want to take a deeper dive into either hormones or gut health, I offer packages that contain the foundational testing plus one of these or my Signature Package containing all four tests.

Many today think they have a “hormone issue” that in reality could stem from a lot of other deep root causes, but hormones are the one place that our symptoms tend to appear the fastest.

Hormones are impacted not only by other bodily systems/issues but one another, so the DUTCH test is great to see a comparison both within actual hormone levels AND between hormones.

Traditional blood hormone testing only gives you one piece to the puzzle- it doesn’t tell us how much the body is producing OR how well you are detoxing through the liver/gut, etc. This test looks at both for the most comprehensive look at hormones there is.

The GI-MAP test provides us an overview look at your body’s microbiome, any potential invaders, bacterial imbalances or gut digestion/absorption issues that could be occurring.

This test is great for anyone suffering from gut issues (constipation, diarrhea, food intolerances bloating, heartburn, digestion issues, etc.) but also skin, hormone or mental issues.

It does screen for parasites, but often doesn’t catch them even when present. Because of this I use a combination of bloodwork + symptoms + GI-MAP trends to determine if parasites could be an issue for you.

Optional Add-On Testing

I offer the most effective + accurate food sensitivity test if you want specific information on what foods you should be avoiding and that could be causing you health issues. 

I don’t believe food sensitivities are root cause, but rather a symptom of an underlying problem, however it can be helpful to remove them for a few months to give the body a chance to heal from the foods that keep aggravating it while simultaneously addressing the root cause at the same time.

**This is the only test that that is available to non-1:1 clients or can be an add-on test to current client packages**

MRT Food Sensitivity Testing

The MRT screens for hidden inflammatory responses to 176, 135 or 88 different foods and food-chemicals and unlike most food sensitivity tests, it is not dependent on antibody reactions (IgG, IgA, etc) which can often give false positive results.

Sensitivities are NOT allergies and can change over time as the body heals; so a response now may not indicate you will forever be responsive to that food.

I explain more about this test and how to simultaneously work on your gut in my Signature Course.

Offered as a results only (non 1:1 session) that comes with a video describing how to interpret your results + apply in your life.

MRT 176 Foods:

MRT 135 Foods

Book A Discovery Call

Prior to working with new clients, I offer a free 20-minute Discovery Call to get to know one another, discuss your current health status and decide what functional lab testing and package is right for you!