Maintenance Membership

Why A Membership?

This is for clients who have completed an initial 1:1 testing package with me and aren’t quite done yet or want to maintain access to re-testing and supplement discounts following the initial package.

Truly healing isn’t a 3-6 month in-and-out process. Even though we see great progress in those first few months, most of us need continued support, re-testing and updates to our protocols as time goes on. Additionally, life never stays stagnant and different seasons of life can bring changes to our health. 

As your root cause practitioner, my mission is to provide you a relationship that goes with you as life carries on in a PREVENTATIVE fashion– I want to help you both address any health issues that do come up, but mostly work together to avoid them all together.

Think of this like the ability to have a yearly FUNCTIONAL physical that actually dives deep and doesn’t just accept the “normal” conventional results as healthy.

Payment Options + Cost Savings

Maintenance Membership is $29/month or $299/year (savings of $49 annually).

It is auto-billed through PracticeBetter and can be canceled at any time for the upcoming month or year. Once canceled, any services you have after will be at the normal rate and you may be subject to a client reactivation fee.

The supplement discounts alone on just TWO common maintenance supplements would save you over $270 per year– aka almost the entire cost of the membership (and this doesn’t include re-testing discounts!)

Not Interested? No Problem!

Here is what changes if you choose to opt-out of membership following your initial package:

  • You’ll still have access to full-price retesting + follow-up sessions if/when you’d like them
  • If retesting after more than one year’s time, there will be a client reactivation fee of $180
  • You’ll drop down to regular supplement pricing through Cellcore, Fullscript + DSS (lose your 15-20% discounts)
  • You’ll need to purchase my course ($199) if you’d like to maintain access to it + all client resources
  • You’ll need to book follow-up sessions to ask any questions (no messaging access in PracticeBetter).

Discounted Sessions

Check-In Calls:

You get a 20% discount on Check-In/Follow-Up calls where we touch base (without re-testing) or review next steps or chat through something more in-depth than we can through messaging.

Nutritional Deep Dives:

Depending on when we started working together, we may not have done a Nutritional Deep Dive session. If you’d like to do one (or do another one now that time has passed), it is a 20% discount off Nutrition Deep Dives for members. 

Testing/Re-Testing Discounts

Below are test packages as new tests or re-tests and include:

The Price of some Tests (HTMA + Bioresonance)

Results Video + Protocol Development

30-60 Minute Results + Protocol Review Session

Note on Bloodwork Pricing: 
The prices below are for the review/session and doesn’t contain the price for the bloodwork
You will pay that ($150-350) directly to EvexiaDirect/LabCorp.

Spouse/Child Package Discounts

One of the main reasons I created this membership was in part due to the fact that I work with a lot of spouses and children- after one person in the family heals, the rest of the family usually wants on board. And further, many times the root cause is something that is present throughout the family and thus we need to work on everyone to ensure full healing.

Because root cause work can be expensive, especially when working on multiple family members I tried to create packages that are more inexpensive than if they enrolled on their own as a new client. Because of this, they don’t receive an Intake/Toxicity/Drainage Session but I do cover this during their Results Session.

After they complete an initial Spouse/Child package, they then default to the pricing that you have within the Membership for follow-up sessions and Re-Testing packages (see package costs above). At this point I consider them a “normal” membership client just like you!

Starting Packages for Your Spouse/Child:

Initial Review of Health History/Forms + Suggestions

The Price of some Tests (HTMA + Bioresonance)

Results Video + Protocol Development

30-60 Minute Results + Protocol Review Session