My Approach

When it comes to our health so many of us are like deer in headlights trying to figure out what path to take.

Because of this, we tend to piecemeal together our approach– getting bloodwork done by your PCP, a few supplements someone suggested on Instagram, a hot yoga class, doing a Whole30 in January after the holidays…the list goes on..but it never leads us to sustainable changes and lasting progress. 

As a human, I’ve done all the things too (ask my husband- he would say I don’t have a shoe problem, I have a wellness problem!). It gets frustrating AND expensive and leads us to feel like we’ll never know WHAT is actually going on- why we aren’t getting pregnant, why we feel such such garbage, why our children are always sick, etc.

Here’s the issue with trying to piecemeal your approach:

You could absolutely go see a nutritionist for an hour and learn how to eat, but that may not fix your gut issues because you have leaky gut and no matter how “well” you eat your body isn’t absorbing those nutrients!

You could go to a personal training session a few times a week, but that may not help you lose the 20 pounds you’re after…because your adrenals are shot and the last thing your body needs is more stress.

You could go to an endocrinologist for your thyroid, but you may never figure out why your thyroid isn’t working and simply use medication as a bandaid to cover up your root issue because you aren’t addressing mineral deficiencies, toxicities like fluoride and chlorine, or heavy metals like mercury.

You could do IVF or other fertility intervention, but never figure out what was impeding you getting pregnant naturally in the first placeand pass on whatever issues you have to your baby.

You could run a food sensitivity test, which will probably reducing your digestive systems, but never actually fixing the ROOT of those issues (things like leaky gut & pathogens).

You can give your child repeated antibiotics and other interventions, but they’ll still continue to get sick if you don’t support their bodies to heal naturally because you don’t know how to reinforce their immune system on a daily basis.

Doing all of these things independently never leads to real change because you’ve never sat down with someone to review it ALL and how it’s all INTERCONNECTED.

Your diet, your sleep, your exercise, your stress, your toxic load, your medical history and what you have previously tried ALL contribute to what you’re feeling today.

Like me, you’ve probably focused mostly on diet and exercise to try and improve your health but unfortunately those two only go so far and could actually be contributing to NOT helping you heal. 

Many of us have gone one step further, asking our docs to run blood labs on things like our thyroid or hormones, but were told that “everything is normal” and to focus on getting some exercise and changing our diet (LOL…been there, done that).

Or maybe you have even a functional medicine doctor, but they spend 10 minutes with you and leave you with a laundry list of supplements with no game plan or no end goal in sight.

It’s easy to think that your hormones are the issue, or your thyroid, or your skin problems…but ALL are likely interconnected and influencing one another.

This was HUGE for me. Yes, my adrenals and hormones were tankedBUT THEY WEREN’T MY ROOT CAUSE. I had to go one step further and look at what was causing them to be so, both in the way I lived my life AND inside my body. 

The beauty of functional lab testing is that it actually allows us to look deeper and find correlations with issues that you may have never realized ARE actually related.

You can continue to dabble with different supplements, treatments, and doctors to try and get relief, but you likely will never get to the root of the problem. For many of us, it takes stepping outside of what culture tells us is “healthy” and stepping inside our own body’s function to learn how to support it at a cellular level.

What if someone listened- ACTUALLY listened and spent 3+ hours of time getting to know you, analyzed your lab results + health history, weaved the connections together and gave you a step-by-step plan for regaining health?

Because of my own experience, I have created an approach that utilizes specific functional lab testing, toxicity screening, and a self-guided course that help you approach ALL aspects of your health with a large focus on reducing toxicities in your daily life.

And yes, many practitioners run similar tests or you can have these tests done cheaper on your own, but the difference in working with me is that I interpret them in a very unique way that I haven’t seen done much anywhere else. Your bloodwork from your PCP that was “normal” probably tells me a much different story based on the ranges I use and what I know about root cause healing/causes.

Further, I walk alongside you through all the seasons of healing and don’t have a team you have to talk to instead of me. I pride myself in keeping my practice very relational and being there for you between sessions/testing in my membership group. 

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