Start Here

When it comes to our health so many of us are like deer in headlights trying to figure out what path to take.

Because of this, we tend to piecemeal together our approach- different practitioners, a few supplements here and there, trying a hot yoga class, doing a Whole30 in January after the holidays, the list goes on..but it never leads us to sustainable changes and lasting progress. As a human, I’ve done all the things too (ask my husband- he would say I don’t have a shoe problem, I have a wellness problem). It gets frustrating and expensive and leads us to feel like we’ll never get our energy back, or get to the root of our gut issues or get pregnant or ever lose the extra weight.

Here’s the truth: You could absolutely go see a nutritionist for an hour and learn how to eat, but that may not fix your gut issues. You could go to a personal training session a few times a week, but that may not help you lose the 20 pounds you’re after. You could go to an endocrinologist for your thyroid, but you may never figure out why your thyroid isn’t working and get medication as a metaphorical bandaid to cover up the issue. 

Doing all of these things independently never leads to real change because we’ve never sat down with someone and reviewed IT ALL- your diet, your sleep, your exercise, your stress, your medical history and what you have previously tried to improve your health. As a practitioner, I have done extensive training to stop trying all the random things and actually hone in on your body and the root causes of your challenges. 

The Process

Step 1: Free Discovery Call

We start with a free 20-30 minute call to discuss your current health concerns and see what program is right for you. I explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Complete Lab Tests

Your lab kits will be shipped to your house to perform from home or at a local lab location. These tests will allow us a deeper look into your body to help us get to the root of what’s going on and how we can best support your health.


Step 3: Nutrition Review

While we wait for your results to come in, you will complete a nutritional analysis to help us build a foundation prior to your results and create a roadmap for healing. There is an option to do labs only and skip this step if you prefer. 

Step 4: Results + Recommendations

Once your results are in, we will meet to review your lab results and discuss your personalized lifestyle protocol that will contain resources + recommendations for diet, rest, exercise, stress and supplements.

Step 5: 30-Day Check-In Meeting

Based on your personalized plan, we will meet 30-45 days into your protocol. This is a time to touch base on how things are going, introduce the next phase of your protocol and troubleshoot any concerns you may have. 

Step 6: 90-Day Check-In Meeting

We will discuss another phase in your healing protocol or will re-test certain markers based on your initial results to form a maintenance plan or continue digging. If additional support is needed, we will discuss future coaching calls or coaching.