Non- Package Options

Coaching Sessions

If you’d like to connect for a check-in or generalized coaching session, feel free to buy one 30 or 60 minute call.

If you would like to commit to several sessions, please click below to see package options.

Past Labs Review

If you have previous labs that you had done in the past three-six months, I am happy to review them for you and create a lifestyle protocol (diet-rest-exercise-stress reduction-sleep) based on your results. 

This comes with a 60 minute consultation and customized protocol based on your results.

Supplement Consultation

Have you fallen victim to buying supplements that you aren’t sure what you’re taking anymore or what is even working? Are you curious where to start when it comes to a generic, daily supplement routine? I’d love to help you navigate this very confusing and diluted “wellness world.”

You will share with me what you are already taking, your health goals and we will create a custom plan for you and review in a 30-min consult.

Book a Free Consultation

Have some questions before deciding to work together? Book a free Discovery Call below to discuss your health concerns + determine the right path for you!