Nutrition Deep Dive

Nutrition gets complicated FAST. Low-carb, fasting, carnivore, metabolic eating….what the HECK should you do?

I offer a Nutrition Deep Dive Session that reviews how you have been eating (three days of meal tracking you’ll provide before the call), your macronutrients AND micronutrients– vitamins and minerals, AND food quality. 

This can be done on its own or added on to any testing package.

Food Quantity

 Overall assess if you’re eating enough or too much (calorically)

Receive guidance on balancing your macronutrients (carbs/fat/proteins)

Assess if you’re getting enough micronutrients (vitamins + minerals)

Food Quality

See if what you are eating is high-quality or filled with a bunch of junk your body doesn’t need

Get support on knowing how to read labels, how to source the best foods, and make better product choices

Convert your diet to a more whole-food, high -nutrient approach

What My Clients Say…

Stomach aches, gas and bloating after every meal, I just couldn’t take it any longer and I knew there had to be a better solution than medication.

Melissa was fantastic to work with, starting with understanding my current state and working with me to provide nutritional targets to help me achieve my nutritional goals.

Once the key nutritional targets were set e.g., protein, carbs, fiber, calories, etc., Melissa provided me with tons of information on alternative food selections, sources, as well as what should be avoided. I felt like I was armed with the right amount of information to start tackling this.

Nutrition Deep Dive Process

Step 1: Track Three Days

You’ll track three days of normal meals/drinks in PracticeBetter for me to review compared to OPTIMAL ranges (not your average MyFitnessPal ranges)

Step 2: Report Making

I analyze your meal tracking (both for quantity + quality) and create a 5+ page custom report for you to have with tangible next steps to take on your journey.

Step 3: We Meet!

We have a 60-minute session to deep dive into your report, including calories, macros/micros, food quality, and sourcing quality ingredients.