Nutrition Session

Why this program?

This is for those who want some guidance on the nutrition & lifestyle front, but aren’t sure about testing just yet.

We will work together on the following to get you moving towards your optimal health & weight:

  • Diet
  • Toxicity reduction (home, personal care, etc.)
  • Supplementation 

Who is this test right for?

  • Those that want to know if they’re actually eating how they should be for their bodies
  • Those who want to lose a few pounds or clean up their diet/lifestyle, but don’t know what to do exactly
  • Generally feel okay, just want some help in tightening up their wellness routine

What does this package include?

  • Thorough intake questionnaires + three day nutritional analysis review
  • 1- 60 min Diet + Lifestyle review session
  • Customized report of your three-day meal analysis
  • 15-20% discount on professional grade supplements

What is the process?

1. Click Buy Now below to purchase.

2. Once payment is received, you will be sent the questionnaires + meal tracking instructions.

3. Once I receive and review, I will reach out to schedule a Results + Recommendations session.

5. We will meet for a 60-minute session and discuss your results and a customized lifestyle recommendations protocol.

What is the price?

$300. Includes questionnaires, meal assessment, personalized protocol and coaching session.