Past Labs Review

This package is for those who have recent lab/test within the past six months that they would like me to review it and provide a functional report + protocol suggestion.

This Is For You If:

You want a second opionion on labs you ran through another provider

Want a custom lifestyle/supplement protocol made for you based off of your results + intake forms

Aren’t looking to run new labs, just want a review of your previous ones

Aren’t wanting toxicity reduction support (only included in full packages but can be purchased separately).

This Isn’t For You If:

You want feedback on your nutrition, toxicity reduction, and access to my signature course

Want to run more functional labs (check out my other offerings/packages)

What This Includes:

Lab Test Analysis

This covers the time I spend analyzing and recording your results video (usually 2+ hours per client).

Recorded Results Session + Customized Protocol

  •  Video walkthrough of your results (option to download for re-listening later on)
  • Detailed report(s) of findings explaining results and what to do about them (usually 5-15 pages long)

Results + Protocol Review Session (60 Min)

  • Discuss any questions you have after watching your results video
  • Review proposed lifestyle + supplement protocol
  • Discuss Maintenance Membership + next steps on your journey to healing if you’d like to continue working with me

Where Do I Sign Up?

Have One Lab Test?

This is the right choice if you just have one lab test results for me to review (bloodwork, DUTCH, etc.)

Have 2+ Lab Tests for Review?

This is the right choice if you have two or more lab tests for me to review.

Book A Free Intro Call

Prior to working with new clients, I offer a free 20-30 minute Intro Call to get to know one another, discuss yours or your spouse/child's current health status and decide what functional lab testing and package is right for you!