Past Labs Review

Why this program?

This is for those who have had another practitioner run labs and want a second opinion. 

  •  You’re tired of medication being their only answer
  • You were told “everything is normal” despite not FEELING normal
  • They put you on a supplement regimen with no phases or end-line in sight
  • They didn’t give you lifestyle or toxicity modifications to make

What does this package include?

  • Comprehensive review of your previous lab results
  • In-depth report of findings
  • 30-min Results + Recommendations session
  • Personalized protocol + lifestyle sugestions
  • 15-20% discount on professional grade supplements

What is the process?

1. Click Buy Now below to purchase.

2. Once payment is received, you will be sent questionnaires to complete for me to complete the review. 

3. Send all lab results to or upload to your PracticeBetter client portal.

5. We will meet for a 30-minute session and discuss your results and a customized lifestyle recommendations protocol.

What is the price?

$350. Includes review, protocol and 30-minute review session.