Full Coaching Program [Nutrition + Labs]

This if for those who are simply DONE trying to figure out what is wrong with them.

  • You’ve been everywhere, seen everything, talked to numerous specialists, read millions of articles and have tried numerous things to no avail.
  • You want feedback on your nutrition + lifestyle and ideas on how to clean up your life.
  • For those that want to prepare for pregnancy, have a healthy pregnancy, are struggling to get pregnant, or want to heal their bodies postpartum.

Depending on your current condition and goals, we will work together to decide what labs are right for you.

Labs Only Coaching Program

This is for those who aren’t a newbie to health pursuits, but feel they have been playing the trial and error game for way too long and want to get to the bottom of why they’re still feeling crummy despite changing diet and exercise.

  • You feel good on the nutrition front and just want to dig into your health via functional labs
  • You feel pretty good on the toxicity and low-tox living front

Depending on your current condition and goals, we will work together to decide what labs are right for you.

Nutrition Session

This is for those who want some guidance on the nutrition & lifestyle front, but aren’t sure about testing just yet.

  • You’ll complete a three-day meal tracking
  • We’ll spend an hour reviewing three days of meal tracking and a toxicity screener to see if you’re both eating for your body and how you can reduce your overall toxic load.

Kid's Program

This is for those that know their child isn’t as healthy as they could be and desperately want some relief or answers to what is going on.

  •  You feel like you continue to chase sickness with antibiotics, motrin or tylenol
  • They have skin issues, behavioral issues, constipation/diarrhea, or other unexplained conditions
  • You’re tired of being prescribed “a pill for an ill” and want more for your child

This program is also for those who have realized how important childhood health is and want to discuss ways that you can both prepare and course-correct what you and your family are doing.

Past Labs Review

This is for those who have had another practitioner run labs and want a second opinion. 

  •  You’re tired of medication being their only answer
  • You were told “everything is normal” despite not FEELING normal
  • They put you on a supplement regimen with no phases or end-line in sight
  • They didn’t give you lifestyle or toxicity modifications to make

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