Supplement Stores

Just like anyone else, I have fallen for the supplement trap and have ended up with bottles + bottles of supplements that either didn’t work or didn’t seem like they did anything. 

Instead of winging it, also not knowing if the sourcing of your supplements is safe/clean I partner with a few dispensaries I trust and know that their products work. All of these options are professional-grade and discounted more than you would find online or on Amazon.

All of my clients get access to these and given customized protocols, but if you aren’t a client and want to see some of the recommendations I have, simply setup an account and view the options within to support your health.

Doctor’s Supplement Store

Doctor’s Supplement Store gives you access to professional-grade supplements at a discounted rate. I love their customer service and access to items you can’t find elsewhere.

Once you open an account, you can also search for any products you or your family currently use and/or other things you need in the wellness-world. Think of this like your own online discounted dispensary that you can order whatever you need from. Here are some other benefits of it:

  • Free shipping over $49 and cheap $2.99 shipping for any orders under that!
  • Products ship same-day as long as order is placed before 5pm CST
  • They also have an auto-ship option for products you use consistently that gives you an additional 5% off and free shipping.
  • Each purchase also gives you reward points that can be used on future purchases.

Use code MT3331 to register your account under my dispensary

Use discount code to save 10% on first order: HCPC3331WELCOME

  • Click on the EZKits tab to see my custom recommendations for things like:
    • Allergy Relief
    • Antibiotic Recovery
    • Antibiotic Alternatives
    • Cold, Cough + Flu
    • Earaches + Ear Infections
    • EMF Protection
    • Multi-Mineral Options
    • Pain Management
    • Sore Throat
    • Teething
    • Tick Bites

CellCore Biosciences

I use a lot of Cellcore supplements with my clients as their effectiveness simply isn’t matched but many others. They aren’t available on DSS so I do need to grant you access to purchase.

To get access, send an email to: