Toxicity Deep Dive

You’ve probably realized this by now, but so many things in our world DON’T have health as their priority and their presence in our daily life could be at the root of your symptoms.

I offer a Toxicity Deep Dive Session to help you step-by-step approach leading a lower toxin life + navigate choosing the right products/swaps for your family.

This is included with all full client packages or can be done on its own.

What We’ll Access Together:

Water Quality + Filtration 

Air Quality + Filtration

Food Toxicity



Outdoor Toxicity

Indoor/Home Toxicity

EMF Toxicity

Cleaning Product + Laundry Toxicity

Personal Care, Hair, Makeup Toxicity

What My Clients Say…

I THOUGHT I was living a low toxin lifestyle but man did this open up my eyes to so many things I was missing!

I also appreciated your approach and the checklist you provide to navigate these changes over time. It isn’t as overwhelming as trying to do it myself!

I didn’t realize how many brands I thought were low toxin actually were tricking me. Here I had thought I was doing a great job but this really showed me that I need to know more than just trusting a label.

I feel more equipped and understand how to shop for myself moving forward.

Toxicity Deep Dive Process

Step 1: Complete Toxicity Screener

You’ll complete an extensive toxicity checklist that reviews your water, food, air, personal care, home products and more.

Step 2: We Meet!

We have a 60-minute session to deep dive into each of these categories + discuss action steps to take as well as what to prioritize first.

Step 3: Custom Report

You’ll walk away with a 5+ page customized checklist report detailing what to do next and better brand suggestions for each category.