What is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner?

An FDN-P is different from your typical health coach, nutritionist or medical doctor. A health coach will give you general advice on how to feel and stay well, but they don’t have the ability to look deeper into your unique body and know what is right for you. On the other hand, a medical doctor has access to all the testing in the world to identify what could be going on in your body, but they usually stick to symptom treatment and not finding the actual root cause in your systems. Further, they usually only spend a short amount of time with you and don’t help you identify what to do or how to change your condition.

Functional: work with and respect the innate intelligence of the body, how it works and it’s desire for equilibrium and balance

Diagnostic: uncover opportunities for evoking the healing response and to identify & remove any obstacles to recovery

Nutrition: nurture and feed cells, tissues, organs and systems. To provide everything the body genetically and spiritually requires to survive.

As an FDN-P, I am able to merge both the lifestyle help with functional lab testing to identify healing opportunities and hidden stressors in your body and support you along the way to optimal health. I’m not just going to throw spaghetti at the wall until it sticks; rather we will use your labs to look big picture of your body and its systems and create a protocol for you that targeting your entire body non-specifically. We don’t seek symptom relief- we seek total body restoration!

Do you work with children & teenagers?

I absolutely adore working with children and teenagers. So many of the health problems we face are rooted in childhood- and even go back to birth! If your child is having issues (digestive, ADD/ADHD, autism, skin conditions, etc.) I am more than happy to help find relief and promote lasting health for their life forward.

Are any services or lab testing covered by insurance or HSA/FSA?

We are health coaches and cannot bill insurance or provide you with specific documents to submit to your insurance. (We do provide you with a transaction receipt, but these receipts are not recognized by many insurance companies.)

However, if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or (FSA) credit card, you may be able to purchase this service if coaching, supplements or testing are allowed. I suggest checking with your HSA/FSA provider if you aren't sure!

Do I have to be trying to get pregnant, pregnant or postpartum to work with you?

Nope! I'm happy to work with anyone that wants to take my approach, but I specialize in working with moms and the spectrum of family life.

Do I have to be local to work one-on-one?

Nope! I work with people all over the country (USA) and world. Depending on your location, some testing and/or supplements may not be available, but I do my best to find alternatives.

If you are local to Metro Detroit area, in-person meetings can be arranged.


Do you take payment plans? 

Yes I do, but in order to choose this option, you'll need to email me at hello@mwfitwell.com to select it depending on test or service you're purchasing.

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